Research & Development

α1 · A1 = α2 · A2
The formula for more efficiency

Schmöle invests in research and development.

Those who wish to have long-term success must always question their ideas and implement them with expertise. An ambitious inventive spirit and effective research and development have always been an important part of our activities. Due to this our engineers were able to develop such important milestones as the patented WLT ® technology with a sophisticated use of D-tubes.

We continue to research with the aim of making Schmöle heat exchange systems more effective whilst at the same time remaining economical. Our engineers and technicians goal can be reduced to the simple formula α1 · A1 = α2 · A2. It states that a heat exchanger reaches the optimum heat transfer when the mathematical product of the specific heat transfer and surfaces are equal on both sides. The essence of all of Schmöle’s claims and services lie in this formula. Within this formula we see the challenge of making sustainable energy more efficient.

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