Geothermal Energy

How can heat be extracted from the earth?

Schmöle systems for use in geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy is an important form of energy and its utilisation represents an increasingly important addition to other renewable energies. Schmöle provides heat exchanger components that meet the stringent requirements of the welding approvals necessary for the pressure ranges used, as laid down in the pressure equipment directives.

Deep geothermal energy is the practice of extracting the heat stored in the earth’s crust. This is achieved by pumping liquid CO2 approximately 300 metres down into the ground where it evaporates and returns in a gaseous state to drive a turbine. This is known as the flash steam method and it generates high pressures of up to 200 bar. Because safety is of primary importance special conditions apply to the material and its processing.

Heat rising from the ground is also used for the near-surface geothermal energy in single and multi-family homes – either using collectors laid in a flat trench 80 to 160 cm deep – or probes at a depth of approximately 100 metres. A heat pump extracts and intensifies the heat from the water and delivers domestic hot water.

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