Gas Condensing Technology

How do you achieve an efficiency rating of over 100 percent?

Schmöle is a pioneer in gas condensing technology.

Natural gas is a fuel with a high energy density. Schmöle components help in recovering a maximum possible efficiency. For over 20 years we have been producing primary heat exchangers as complete solutions, which significantly improve efficiency. For example, with gas heaters we reach an increase of 92 percent up to 108 percent compared to conventional devices.

As the highly aggressive condensate produced attacks base metals, the use of corrosion-resistant Laserfin®-Finned Tubes made from special steel materials and with a fin density of 1 to 3 fins per inch is highly effective. We were able to double the thermal conductivity of some of our heat exchangers thanks to these products, which can easily withstand a changing temperature level between 60° and 1200°C.

Schmöle technology is ideal for the installation and retrofitting of complex heating systems, e.g. in apartment buildings. Our secondary heat exchangers for combi-devices prove themselves wherever hot water is to be available immediately.

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