Schmöle is the inventor of the innovative Laserfin® technology. The patented laser welding process enables us to manufacture completely individual, 100% gap-free finned tubes for every requirement.

According to the modular principle, we select the appropriate standard and special stainless steels for tubes and fins in close dialogue with our customers, determine flexible fin heights and distances and design fintubes with a long service life. These fintubes fit perfect to your requirements. Additional details such as recesses and the possibility of moving individual fins make our Laserfin® tubes the most flexible finned tube family in the world.

Advantages of the Original Laserfin® technology

  • 100% flexibility: material of tube and ribbed belt can be freely combined (e.g. aluminum on stainless steel or copper on titanium)
  • 100% freedom from gaps
  • Increased heat transfer
  • Different fin heights also on a tube
  • Flexible spacing between the ribs
  • recessed areas and moving of ribs possible
  • Easy to deform and process
  • Compact design and reduced weight
  • No material deformation
  • High corrosion resistance even with very aggressive media
  • Long lifespan with almost full performance

Application of Laserfin® tubes

Original Laserfin® tubes are manufactured exclusively by Schmöle in Germany. They are suitable for all types of heat exchangers for cooling and heating gases and liquids – especially for the following areas of application:

Power plant construction

  • Cooling towers or cooling water recooling systems with dry, dry / wet or wet operation (e.g. cooling towers with river water cooling if galvanized
    Carbon steel tubes may not be used for environmental reasons)
  • Sodium cooler for fast breeder power plants
  • Flue gas cooling and heating in REA and DENOX plants

Chemical plants

  • All types of heat exchangers for cooling and heating gases and liquids
  • Heat exchanger for nitric acid plants (HNO3), e.g. B. for the fertilizer industry

heat recovery systems

  • Flue gas cooler

Heating industry

  • Primary heat exchangers in gas and oil boilers
  • Secondary heat exchanger for domestic water heating in gas condensing or condensing boilers

Mechanical and plant engineering

  • Heat exchanger for gas cooling of industrial furnaces
  • Heat exchanger for heating bathrooms
  • Oil cooler for vacuum systems, ship systems, pumps etc.
  • Heat exchanger for oil preheating

Innovative engineering made in Germany

With the production of 10,000,000 tubes and 200,000 finned tube coils to date, our Original Laserfin® process is a unique success story. Schmöle Laserfin® tubes are manufactured by helically winding strip onto tubes. The heat transfer fins are attached to the surface of tubing in a unique laser process within a protected atmosphere. This method produces high quality finned tubes in a process which is proprietary to Schmöle and is constantly being improved upon. The fins are non-detachably connected to the tube, ensure higher heat transfer and prevent crevice corrosion. Our innovative technology convinces with unlimited possibilities.

We are the only manufacturer worldwide to combine all possible non-ferrous metals in the Original Laserfin® process, so that we have the maximum individuality for your fintube solutions. Schmöle is the inventor of the innovative Laserfin® technology, which was first used in the 1980s. Since then we have been continuously developing it and are currently using the 5th generation of lasers.

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