Design Data Sheet

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LOK – Tube Coil Heat Exchangers (Oil Coolers):

Thermal capacity: W

Oil type:

Oil flow rate: l/min

Oil inlet temperature: °C

Oil outlet temperature: °C

Oil side maximum pressure drop: bar

Water quality/type (e.g. sea water):

Water flow rate: l/min

Water inlet temperature: °C

Water outlet temperature: °C

Water side maximum pressure drop: bar

For other oils than hydraulic oil please indicate the following data at mean temperature:

Density: kg/m³

Specific heat capacity: kJ/kgK

Thermal conductivity: W/mK

Kinematic viscosity: cSt

Design Type:

LOK–S = Standard Type LOK–S
LOK–M = Shell side connections LOK–M
LOK–T = for mounting in tanks LOK–T

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