Coaxial heat exchanger and refrigerant evaporator


Profit from our expertise in the production of efficient heat exchangers for hot water tanks. We offer you a wide portfolio of heat exchangers – as standard variants and customized solutions, tailored exactly to your needs. Our Truco® coaxial condensers are characterized by perfect heat transfer, which is achieved by a special design of the flow paths. In addition, the counterflow principle, which is favorable for heat transfer, is implemented, which simultaneously enables extensive utilization of the superheat of the refrigerant vapor and subcooling of the liquid refrigerant. The economical and efficient Truco® coaxial evaporators have long been equipped with finned tubes or tubes with a special surface structure, which decisively improve the heat transfer from the tube wall to the evaporating refrigerant.



Schmöle coaxial evaporators are used for the evaporation of refrigerants and are suitable for the evaporation of refrigerants with heating media such as circulating water, ground water as well as heat transfer media with glycol additives.
Schmöle coaxial heat exchanger evaporators are used in:
➔ Heat pumps
➔ Refrigeration and cooling systems
➔ Heat recovery systems
➔ Air conditioning cabinets
➔ Temperature control units

Advantages of coaxial heat exchangers:

➔ Special surface structure (high performance evaporator tubes with textured surface) provides significantly improved heat transfer.
➔ Simple design, thus less expensive than shell-and-tube evaporators
➔ Improved flow around the evaporator tubes due to star-shaped spacers


➔ Copper Cu-DHP
➔ Copper Nickel
➔ Stainless steel

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