High Finned Tubes

High Finned Tubes

Laserfin® Schmöle Laserfin® Fintubes are manufactured by helically winding strip onto tubes. The heat transfer fins are attached to the surface of tubing in a unique* laser process within a protected atmosphere. This method produces high quality finned tubes in a process which is proprietary to Schmöle and is constantly being improved upon.Fin and tube material can be selected according to specific design requirements.The small heat-affected zone in connection with thin weld seams avoid any deformation of the material. This results in a high stability of shape and a great accuracy of size of the welded finned tube. The use of Laser technique for the welding of finned tubes offers a number of advantages. For further information please click here.

Corrofin® Fintubes are produced in copper and copper alloys by helically winding a strip onto the tube and simultaneously soldering both with tin solder. This finning method results in a good heat conducting connection between the tube and fins. The slightly corrugated fin foot increases the adherence between tube and fin and improves the heat transfer.

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