Moisture Separator Reheater Tubes

Schmöle has been supplying MSR TRUFIN® finned tubes for customer-specific heat exchanger solutions since 1973, including for the construction of heat exchanger components in nuclear power engineering. Due to decades of experience, Schmöle has acquired extensive know-how in the manufacture of these special MSR pipes. This know-how was constantly used to optimize the manufacturing process. Schmöle delivers these pipes worldwide and is internationally qualified.


Schmöle MSR TRUFIN® finned tubes are used for moisture separator reheaters in nuclear power plants, typically in the ferritic alloy TP439 / 1.4510. The Trufin® finned tubes are manufactured from seamless or welded tubes using a rolling process. In this process, the inner diameter of the outlet pipes is narrowed and at the same time spiral ribs are rolled out of the pipe wall. As a result, the outer diameter of the ribs is less than or at most equal to the permissible outer diameter of the unripped pipe parts. It can therefore be pushed into pipe disks without any problems. The finning process can be interrupted at any point on the pipe for non-finned pipe areas. Our pipes can be used in newly built power plants as well as replacement pipes / refit pipes for existing power plants.

Current tubes measurements

  • Ø15.88 x 1.52
  • Ø19.05 x 1.65
  • Ø19.05 x 1.75
  • Ø25.40 x 1.83
  • Ø25.40 x 2.11

Delivery forms

  • fully finned
  • with smooth tube ends
  • with non-finned and defined tubes ends
  • with non-finned intermediate sections
  • straight or curved as hairpins (U-bends)

Tested with customer specification

  • Inline eddy current testing
  • Inline ultrasonic testing
  • Helium leak test
  • hydrostatic pressure test
  • pneumatic pressure test (air under water)
  • Air differential pressure test
  • endoscopic tests

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