Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger

Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger

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Oil cooler heat exchangers from Schmöle are perfect for cooling / heating of hydraulic oil, emulsion and water from closed oil cooler circuits.

By using high-performance finned tubes, oil cooler heat exchangers are particularly compact and powerful, since large heat exchange surfaces can be accommodated in the smallest space.

The oil cooler heat exchanger are made with a cylindrical shell made of steel. Into the shell we are using our efficient finned tube heat exchanger made of copper or copper nickel.

➔ Insensitive to large temperature amplitudes
➔ High temperature capable
➔ Easy to assemble and maintain
➔ Low cooling water requirement
➔ Standard designs can be delivered with a short delivery time
➔ Special designs according to customer specifications



Oil cooler finned tube coil Heat exchanger according to customer specifications are used particular in the following systems:
➔ Plastic injection molding machines
➔ Plastic extruder systems
➔ hydraulic systems, presses
➔ machines to produce tools
➔ Clutches and gears
➔ compressors and pumps
➔ temperature control units
➔ waste-heat recovery system



With its technical equipment and know-how, Schmöle is able to process all metallic materials. In addition to aluminum, copper and copper alloys, Schmöle also manufactures heat exchangers from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and titanium. These are used for increased corrosion stress through the use of media such as surface water, sea water and water from closed circuits.



The industrial heat exchangers from Schmöle are divided into designs with a shell and without a shell.

Heat exchanger with a shell (LOK oil cooler): The LOK oil cooler standard series S, M, T are assembled from prefabricated components and can be delivered at short notice. LOK oil cooler special series with special requirements due to operating conditions (temperature and pressure) as well as installation space and assembly are manufactured by Schmöle for its customers in economical lot sizes.


heat exchanger without a shell

Schmöle finds solutions for its customers tailored to the available installation space and the operating conditions of the machines and systems to be tempered. If required, Schmöle designs and manufactures finned tube coils heat exchangers in the form of meanders, spirals or other complex multidimensional geometries in economical lot sizes.


Custom finned tube heat exchangers

Together with its customers, Schmöle develops tailor-made solutions for heat transfer between media such as operating fluids, products or gaseous material flows and the associated liquid or gaseous cooling and heating media.

Schmöle uses its high-performance finned tubes to increase the transferable heat output, to adapt the geometry to the available space and to increase the availability and service life of the heat exchanger.
Examples for this are:
➔ Temperature control of efrigerants and and oil in machine tools
➔ Heat exchanger for compressors
➔ Tempering of eroding liquids
➔ Oil cooling in gearboxes for the automotive industry


Adaptation of the heat exchanger to the available space

The integration of heat exchangers for oils, cooling water or other operating fluids in shells or containers is often more difficult by the limited space available. Schmöle works with its customers to develop geometrically optimized heat exchangers, depending on the tempered media.
Transferable heat output

To optimize the heat transfer, we are using suitable high-performance tubes from low to high finned from Schmöle’s finned tube portfolio, depending on the respective applications with natural or forced convection, condensation or evaporation.


Availability and Lifespan

For the high safety requirements we are using our double-walled safety tubes. Good heat conduction in the pipe wall is guaranteed by the connection of the pipes. In addition, the safety heat exchanger include Leakage indicators. The right choice of materials is decisive for the service life of the heat exchangers. Schmöle works with the following materials:
➔ copper ➔ copper-nickel ➔ aluminum
➔ steel ➔ stainless steel ➔ titanium
LOK oil cooler heat exchanger

The LOK oil cooler heat exchanger is characterized by its high temperature capability and its applicability for large temperature amplitudes and its low cooling water requirement. Together with the smart installation the LOK oil cooler heat exchanger is different from conventional oil coolers.

LOK oil cooler heat exchangers are capable of high temperatures and can be used with large temperature amplitudes. Thanks to the pipe coil design, the coil can expand freely when temperature is exposed. There are no thermally induced voltages. The temperature range can be increased even further by choosing suitable seals and pipe materials such as copper-nickel alloys and stainless steels.

Operating conditions Permitted area of application
Shell space Tube space
Pressure max 16 bar (S + M)
max 7,5 bar (T)
max 16 bar
Temperature Cu max 150 °C
CuNi max 300 °C
Stainlesss stell max 400 °C
max 90 °C


Low cooling water requirement

LOK oil cooler are are produced with high-performance finned tubes Trufin W/HT Turbo-Chil. This results in to large surfaces with a low cooling medium requirement. The internal heat transfer to the cooling medium is optimized by the spiral of the Trufin W/HT pipes.


Smart installation
The finned tube coil heat exchanger is fitted and sealed with O-rings in the cover flange. This is screwed into the shell flange, and sealing also takes place with an O-ring. In the T design type, the cover flange is firmly welded with the steel shell. The finned tube coil is inserted into the shell from the back, fitted into the cover flange, and sealed with O-rings. Maintenance work and cleaning is easy and effective thanks to the option of dismantling the LOK tube coil heat exchanger.


LOK oil cooler heat exchanger of the S, M and T series

LOK oil cooler coil are supplied as standard in three different series for the power range up to approximately 111 kW:

S series
Standard version with a shell connection for the oil outlet and fixing consoles

M series
Heat exchanger with two shell connections for the oil inlet and oil outlet
Upon request, fixing straps like those depicted can be ordered as accessories (2 per heat exchanger)

T series
Heat exchanger with an open construction, suitable for tank installation
For special applications, LOK tube coil heat exchangers from design type T can be supplied with a flat seal.



The following materials are used for the standard versions of the copper or cupronickel LOK heat exchangers


Dimensions and guide power

You can see this information in detail in our Oil cooler brochure .


LOK oil cooler coils heat exchangers are subjected to the following leak tests with nitrogen under water:
➔ Pipe side series S, M, T pressure 23 bar / 30 s
➔ Shell side series S, M pressure 23 bar / 30 s
➔ Series T pressure 11 bar / 30 s

LOK oil cooler heat exchanger are considered pressure vessels in the sense of the pressure vessel regulation. The HP 0 approval required for production is available for all versions and performance sizes.