Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger

Schmöle oil cooler heat exchangers are perfectly suited for cooling/heating hydraulic oil, emulsion and water from closed oil cooler circuits. By using high-performance finned tubes, oil cooler heat exchangers are particularly compact and powerful, as large heat exchange surfaces can be accommodated in the smallest space. The oil cooler heat exchangers consist of a cylindrical steel housing in which a finned tube heat exchanger made of copper or copper nickel is installed.

Parts of LOK oil cooler heat exchangers

➔ Insensitive to large temperature amplitudes

➔ Capable of high temperatures

➔ Easy to install and maintain

➔ Low cooling water requirement

➔ Standard designs available at short notice

➔ Special designs according to customer specifications

➔ Also available as tank-mounted cooler with and without jacket pipe

➔ In-house production of the components casing (incl. robot welding) and finned tube coil

➔ Seawater cooler variants available, as well as special designs according to customer specifications

The reliable oil cooling in the marine and oil sector

Further advantages of LOK oil cooler heat exchangers

➔ Corrosion resistant

Water tube ends of the finned coils (water side of LOK heat exchangers) are routed through the cover.
This avoids corrosion in the shell space/housing and also in the interior of the mostly domed covers used by other manufacturers. Especially in the form of the seawater cooler, this is a great advantage because it means that the end covers almost never have to be reordered.

➔ Easy cleaning of the heat exchanger

Internal finned coil (water side) of the oil cooler is easy to remove.
This makes it easier to rinse it in a separate cleaning cycle, as well as to clean the housing (the jacket space) and also from the outside. The finned tube coil is also available from us as a spare part. Easy to assemble and maintain.

➔ Room for expansion of the tube coil inside.

➔ Very high effectiveness of the cooler due to finned tubes inside, which also have spiral-shaped inner webs.

The fins are rolled in the form of W/HT Turbo Chill tubes. This ensures an absolutely gap-free firm connection between the tube and the fin, and rib detachment is impossible. The effectiveness of the chiller is maintained more consistently. Due to the effectiveness, compact dimensions with low weight are achieved.


Oil cooler finned coil heat exchangers to customer specifications are used in particular in the following equipment:
➔ Plastic injection moulding machines
➔ Plastic extruder plants
Hydraulic systems, presses
➔ Machine tools
➔ Couplings and gearboxes
➔ Compressors and pumps
➔ Temperature control units
➔ Waste heat utilisation


With its technical equipment and know-how, Schmöle is able to process all metallic materials. In addition to aluminium, copper and copper alloys, Schmöle also manufactures heat exchangers from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steels, nickel-based alloys and titanium. These are used in cases of increased corrosion stress due to the use of media such as surface water, seawater and water from closed cycles.


LOK oil coolers coil heat exchangers are considered pressure vessels in the sense of the Pressure Vessel Ordinance. The HP 0 approval required for manufacture is available for all designs and performance sizes.

Customised finned tube heat exchangers


Together with its customers, Schmöle develops customised solutions for heat transfer between media such as operating fluids, products or gaseous material flows and the associated liquid or gaseous cooling and heating media.
To increase the transmittable heat output, to adapt the geometry to the available installation space and to increase the availability and service life of the heat exchanger, Schmöle relies on the use of its high-performance finned tubes.
Examples of this are:
➔ Temperature control of coolants and oil in machine tools
➔ Heat exchangers for compressors
➔ Temperature control of erosion fluids
➔ Oil cooling in gearbox housings for automotive construction

Adapting to the available installation space


The integration of heat exchangers for oils, cooling water or other operating fluids in housings or containers is often made difficult by the limited installation space available. Schmöle works with its customers to develop geometrically optimised heat exchangers, depending on the media to be tempered.

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