Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

RW shell-and-tube heat exchangers consist of a bundle of high-performance corrugated tubes made of copper or copper-nickel, which is brazed into a copper or copper-nickel housing. The special corrugated tubes manufactured by Schmöle have a large number of troughs or corrugations which are stamped into the tube wall from the outside. The resulting structures on the outer and inner surfaces ensure significantly improved heat transfer compared to plain tubes. Deflector plates are used to generate an outer flow around the tubes in the shell space.

RW shell-and-tube heat exchangers are manufactured in six different capacity sizes, with the outer diameter of the shell tubes and the overall height being the same for all capacity sizes. The construction length, which varies according to the capacity, can be seen in Figs. 1 and 2.

Oil cooling

The shell and tube heat exchanger can also be used for oil cooling. For the suitable Rorhbündelwärmetauscher we advise you gladly! Or please have a look at our LOK oil cooler series. This heat exchanger are specially designed for oil cooling. Click here for the LOK oil cooler!

Heating domestic water

With the shell and tube heat exchangers of the RW-B design, the heating water is routed on the tube side, heating the domestic water flowing in countercurrent on the shell side.

Heating swimming pool / floor heating

In RW-S and RW-F heat exchangers, the heating water flows around the corrugated tubes in the shell space. The swimming pool water or the water of the floor circuit is led through the corrugated pipes in counterflow and heated.

RW shell and tube heat exchangers are used for:
➔ Heating of domestic water (drinking water)
➔ Cooling or heating of circulating water
➔ Heating of swimming pool water
➔ System separation in underfloor heating systems (e.g. to avoid corrosion)
➔ Forming in district heating and solar systems

Benefits of our tube bundle heat exchanger
➔ High heat output, thanks to powerful special corrugated tubes
➔ Compact design
➔ Well suited for retrofitting
➔ Low pressure loss
➔ Available in three versions and several output sizes at short notice
➔ With styrofoam shells for heat insulation and transport security

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