Wall Heating Systems

Wall Heating Systems

As a solution for dry construction

  • Ideal for wood frame construction, prefabricated houses and attic conversions
  • Large surface low-temperature system, extremely energy-saving
  • Heating/cooling and finished wall all in one
  • Rapid warming/cooling of the gypsum fibre boards due to ideal contact with the water-carrying register system
  • Quickly and cleanly assembled
  • Tube register specially developed for the climate wall system
  • Circulating cold water turns wall heating into wall cooling

Plastered climate wall systems

  • Operated with lowest possible hot water temperature
  • Low-cost, large-area low temperature system that uses the wall storage capacity and is extremely energy-saving
  • Tube register specially developed for the plastered climate wall system
  • The climate wall provides best possible networking of components (wall building materials, heating tubes, plaster)
  • The climate wall complete system offers maximum efficiency
  • Good price/performance ratio
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