Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Many years of experience, modern manufacturing methods and an extensive product range of low, medium and high finned tubes enable Schmöle to design heat exchangers with the following properties:


Benefits of our heat exchangers

➔ compactness
➔ Reduced energy consumption
➔ corrosion resistance
➔ environmental sustainability
➔ High performance
➔ low pressure loss
The range of materials available to Schmöle (copper, copper-nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium) enables problem-solving in a wide range of applications with different media. Using special double-walled safety tubes, heat exchangers are optionally supplied with a leakage indicator, which offers the highest level of safety when using aggressive media. Schmöle supplies heat exchangers of various designs to the plant and apparatus industry. Standard heat exchangers are supplied from stock for the following industries:


Application for our heat exchangers

➔ heating industry
➔ refrigeration and air conditioning industry
➔ Mechanical and plant engineering
For the automotive industry, but also for all other areas of application, heat exchangers with a special construction are designed in close cooperation with the users, which are optimally tailored to the respective application.
Coaxial heat exchanger and refrigerant condenser
Coaxial heat exchanger and refrigerant evaporator
Fintube Heat Exchanger
Refrigerant Evaporator and Condenser Heat Exchanger
Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger
LOK Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger