The reliable oil cooling in the marine and oil sector

The LOK series of finned tube heat exchangers is predestined for use in hydraulics and in shipping

The Schmöle LOK oil / water heat exchangers show their great advantage when cooling with sea water: By guiding the cooling water pipes through the cover to the outside, we prevent water-related corrosion inside the cooler. This is a unique selling point in hydraulics. The corrosion typical of tube bundle heat exchangers (seawater heat exchangers) in the area of the inside of the cover is thus avoided. With our standard material mix of copper, copper-nickel or stainless steel, our oil coolers are suitable for use in the marine sector, especially in marine hydraulics as salt water heat exchangers.

Passing the water pipe side through the cover prevents corrosion inside the oil cooler. A circulation of the water inside between the tube sheet and the domed cover, as is often the case, does not exist in our series.

Advantages of the Schmöle LOK oil / water coil heat exchanger

• High effectiveness through the use of finned pipe coils
(Copper / copper-nickel fins increase the heat transfer area)
• The water pipe runs through the cover: corrosion is prevented
• Easy to assemble and maintain thanks to the extractable pipe coil
• Seawater and tank installation variants (also without housing) as well as stainless steel variants available.
• Further use of the housing is possible when replacing the finned pipe lay
• Low cooling water requirement
• Powerful and compact
• Optimized heat transfer through Trufin® W/HT Turbo-Chill finned tubes with spiral inner bars

• Capable of high temperatures
• Free expansion of the finned pipe coil is possible with the S+M variant
– This means that no moving tube sheet is required
• Max. operating pressure:
Shell space  S+M series: 16bar ; T series: 7,5bar
Pipe space  S+M+T series: 16bar
• Copper-based finned pipe coil optionally interlocking outside and inside
• Large heat exchange surface in the smallest of spaces
• 100% leak test on the pipe and jacket side
• Special designs available according to customer specifications
• Power at 111 kW
(High performance possible on request with the corresponding number of items)
• Throughput shell side (oil): max. 440 l/min.
• Throughput pipe side (water): max. 88 l/min.
• Complete in-house oil cooler including robot welding at Schmöle in Germany

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