About us


Over 165 years of company history full of change and durability

1853 Founded as R&G Schmöle. Rolling and wire products made out of copper
1904 Installation of the first press for seamless tubes
1956 Start of production of CORROFIN® brazed finned tubes
1958 Start of production of rolled finned tubes TRUFIN®
1962 Start of production of Z-Bond aluminum evaporators
1988 Production of laser-welded finned tubes LASERFIN® begins
1996 First cooling ceiling elements with perforated sheet
1997 First cooling ceiling elements with profile
2002 Development of the WLT® for chilled ceilings
2004 Development of the stainless steel MSR finned tubes
2010 First Laserfin® finned tube coil with 150 kW output
2012 Development of innovative bending technology for power plant pipes
2016 Introduction of the latest and most modern laser welding technology

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