About us


we transfer energy

We focus on one task – with countless possibilities: Schmöle develops and produces finned tubes and heat exchanger components.

α1 · A1 = α2 · A2

Our claim fits into a formula.

It describes an optimal heat transfer, which is achieved when the mathematical products of the specific heat transfers and areas of the two sides are equal. In this formula lies the essence of all claims and achievements of Schmöle. Our specialists see it as the challenge to use energy ever more efficiently.

3 locations
19.000 m²
178 employees

How adaptable is efficiency?

At 3 locations with a total area of 19,000 m² with 178 employees, Schmöle manufactures finned tubes and surface heat exchangers with almost unlimited possibilities. We finned, enlarge, bend, coil, solder and weld – with the aim of achieving the best performance while using the least amount of energy and raw materials.





The Schmöle range of services

As a technology leader, we deliver maximum performance. Schmöle systems are modular, versatile and of high quality – from individual pipes to complete systems.



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